Our Company

As we look toward an unpredictable future we do so with confidence that our systems, processes and mission will keep Adcour positioned to provide the same exceptional products and services that we have been since 1968.

Our Focus

Our focus is on our customers — and powering their great projects with a high degree of quality, reliability and efficiency.

We accomplish this by hiring and training smart, passionate and creative thinkers who are fully invested in the outcome of the work that they do.

Whether brainstorming on initial design ideas or traveling to meet customers at their research vessel to troubleshoot in the field, Adcour brings a collaborative approach to solving unique challenges with sophisticated solutions.

Our History

Incorporated in 1968 by Richard and Frances Jacobs, Adcour has been an industry leader in providing custom power solutions for more than half a century.

We pioneered the concept of value-add in the battery pack manufacturing industry and have built a legacy based on establishing deep and long-lasting relationships with our customers and providing them with superior quality product.

Now a SBA-certified Woman-Owned Small Business led by second generation owner Linda Jacobs Dangelo and Peter Dangelo, Adcour continues to provide traditional value-add service while consistently evolving to meet the demands of today’s technologies.

our Future

While always appreciative of the history and tradition that informs our quality and culture, Adcour remains a progressive and innovative shop.

We continuously invest in modern equipment and training, and facilitate an exploratory workshop model for employees to get hands on experience with new technology, tools and concepts/practices.

Adcour has

  • Expanded & completely renovated the production facility & office suites
  • Brought 3D printing capabilities in-house
  • Piloted a gantry welding system for a dedicated mid-volume line

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Our Team

The Adcour team is comprised of smart, detail-oriented & creative thinkers who take great pride in the work they do. Our administrative, sales, technical and production groups collaborate regularly throughout each project in order to provide high-quality results and customer satisfaction.


Adcour designs and manufactures solutions to meet all portable power requirements


Supporting all branches of our armed forces, Adcour’s products have proven reliable in countless mission-critical applications.


Located among the world’s foremost research facilities, Adcour has developed unique expertise to design and build for the harshest underwater operating environments.


Keeping up with the rapidly evolving world of AI and robotics, Adcour offers creative solutions to power even the most advanced machine.


From powering the beacon on the FAA black box to supporting high level radar systems, Adcour supports all areas of the aerospace industry.


Whether the application is for downhole drilling, pipeline inspection or gas detection, Adcour works to keep equipment and job sites powered and online. We work with all industries requiring battery-supported power solutions


Open Job Opportunities

Adcour is always seeking highly competent, detail-oriented
assembly and engineering talent to join our team.

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